Ever since I created my first HTML page in Notepad, and published it on Geocities, I have been in awe about what you can achieve with programming. This experience has always driven me to become a better engineer. Besides that I have always had an entrepeneurial side. In 2014 I started Plate with a few co-founders and we bootstrapped it from the ground up. Plate started as a CMS aimed at media agencies that weren't necessarily technical, but had clients that asked them for websites. For example design agencies, photographers, etc. The goal was to create the most low-tech solution possible, while still being able to create content-rich sites. We achieved this by focusing on the content model rather than the design of the site. Over the years we gradually moved to a multisite content solution. After that I decided in 2022 it was time for me to move on to other endeavors. I have been freelancing ever since.

Today, I have more than 11 years experience and knowledge as an engineer, and I’m strongly motivated to work on the most challenging applications.

# Uses

2022 14" Macbook Pro M1 with 32GB RAM. Best daily driver I have ever used.

Visual Studio Code


iTerm2 with zsh

Database GUI


API testing

# Other

Based in
The Netherlands

Registration # Dutch Chamber of Commerce

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